About Us

Here is a little information about us. Our names are Dave and Glenda Altman. We live in Middle Tennessee. Dave retired his real estate license and now works full-time on our website. I am a legal secretary and work part-time our website.


We started doing remodeling projects over 40 years ago, shortly after we were married.

It was 1968 and Dave was in the Navy and we lived in Portsmouth, Virginia in off-base housing.

When we moved in, the floor in the kitchen was deplorable. It was just pieces and chunks of flooring. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it was in pretty bad shape. So Dave got some cheap tile, took all the flooring that was there up and replaced it. That was the first home project Dave ever did.


Dave was out of the Navy, we moved back home to South Florida and bought our first home.

Our first home needed a lot of tender loving care and we had no one to teach us how to repair it. So, we read books on how to repair and install what we needed and wanted.


The first thing we needed to do in that house was replace all the windows. The ones that were there were the old jalousie windows that were very popular in South Florida before people had air conditioning.

Next, we put in the central air conditioning! Nothing like starting with the more difficult projects first.

We have always read up on what we wanted to accomplish and then jumped in and just did it.

Over the next few years in that house, we:

    • Laid tile
    • Put down carpeting,
    • Put up paneling,
    • Moved walls,
    • Put up new walls,
    • Put in light fixtures,
    • made the carport into a garage,
    • built a great treehouse for the kids in the backyard,
    • Sewed scraps of carpet pieces together to make our son a multi-color wall to wall carpet in his bedroom, and
    • Dave even designed and built a tongue and grove wood ceiling in our family room.

Well, you get the picture.

We stayed in that home for 9 years and had just got it to the point where we were almost completely happy with it when…… We decided to move.


The second house we bought was just the shell of the house. You know, the outside walls and roof were finished, as well as the windows had been installed. Also, the house had the rough plumbing finished. That was about all. The construction company that was building it ran out of money. It was out of town on 1 1/4 acres.

It took us 8 months to finish the house mainly because Dave worked a full-time job and I had a part-time job. During the time we were working on the house, we lived in a very small trailer a friend loaned us. We put it in the front yard. We lived in it with our three sons until we finished the house. It was an adventure!

We finished that one, lived in it a while and sold it. Over the years, we bought and sold a few more houses in South Florida.

We have never been great on timing and making lots of money when we sold a house. You know, buy low and sell high!


We moved to middle Tennessee in 1999 because Dave’s job transferred him here.

We made the move right before the prices of homes in South Florida started to soar. We sold the last house we owned down there for $92,000. We didn’t make much money at all. That same house sold again for $220,000, approximately two years later.

That’s what I mean about timing.

Dave was doing well at his job so when we got to Tennessee, I was able to stay home and not work. The kids were grown and it was a great time for us, but very short lived.


After we moved to Tennessee, the company that transferred Dave to Tennessee was bought out by World Com. World Com laid everyone off and closed down the office Dave worked in. Dave was one of the last ones to go. It was right before Christmas, 2002.

Dave was in his middle 50s at the time. This was when the telecommunications business fell apart, and many men never have worked again in that profession. Dave is one of them.

I went back to work as a legal secretary. There was a woman where I worked that told me about Nashville’s real estate club where people were buying, rehabbing and selling houses.

For the last 40 years, we have bought and remodeled our own homes. So this real estate club seems interesting to us. After going to a few meetings, we decided to buy, remodel and sell homes for a profit.

There is great satisfaction in remodeling, repairing or building something for your home and seeing that finished product.

After we started rehabbing houses, Dave got his real estate license. We have kept a few houses we remodeled for rental properties because we wanted to some passive income.

Also, since Dave and I had been home remodeling and repairing for over 40 years, we decided that it was time to share the knowledge we have learned along the way with other people.

That brings us to….


We decided that the best way to share our knowledge was to put it on a website.

I tried twice before to build a website and had no success.

Why? Because I didn’t know what I was doing.

I didn’t know anyone who had a website. So, I did what Dave and I had always done when we started a new project we didn’t know anything about, I bought a couple of books on the subject. I also did online reading.

It is different than learning to repair or remodel something. That is pretty much cut and dry.

This was something totally foreign to me. It talked about domain names, hosting, niche topics, keywords, search engine optimation, autoreponders – just to name a few things. The list went on and on.

Well, I decided to jump right in and start our first website after buying a software program. It was a complete failure because I didn’t know what I was doing…..even after reading the books!

I couldn’t seem to get people to come to my website. So, I gave up on it for a while. But, I could not let it rest. I tried a second time and it was also a failure.

But the third time is successful!

I don’t know how I found it, but I came across SBI. SBI stands for Site Build It! It turns any hobby, passion or skill you have into a viable online business.

SBI has given me all the tools to build a great website. Take a look at this Video Tour or this Quick Tour to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

I didn’t need any programming skills or web design knowledge. I didn’t need any business skills or products to sell.

Dave has the knowledge even though I have helped him over the years. So, he writes the “how to” and then I put it on our website using SBI. And I do contribute an article myself now and then.

SBI is great! They take you by the hand and teach you step by step how to use everything you need to create a great website.

If you do not have a topic for a website, SBI will help you find the perfect topic. They will also help you to build it and to get traffic. All at your own pace!


They will teach you how to make money with your website!

SBI was exactly what I needed.

One of my favorite things about SBI is the downloadable video tutorials that show you exactly what to do. There are also forums with experienced and friendly people who will help you out should you get stuck.

It is a great community! Take a look at the hundreds of successful SBI websites. They were built by people just like you and me.

I started this website in 2008 and I only work on it part-time. Not only do I love doing it, I am also making money.


At the moment, I make money with advertising on my site.

There are countless ways to make money with a website. Here are just a few:

    • sell other people’s products for a commission;
    • create your own ebook and sell;


  • get paid for leads and referrals

You can get more ideas from what the other SBIers are doing and how SBI changed their lives.

I will be retiring from my job in a few years. By then, I will have a subtantial amount of “passive income” coming in!

So, what do you think about our home remodeling site? I am enjoying what I am doing and I hope you enjoy reading it! Should you have any questions for us, just go to our Contact Us page and ask.