Air Flow Gauge

The air flow gauge or Thermo-Anemometer is a neat tool. It measures the amount of air flow coming out of a HVAC duct to see if the unit is functioning properly.

The display unit is digital and can be programmed for metric or English measurements such as cubic feet per minute (CFM), kilometers per hour (KPH), knots, miles per hour and temperature displays. The other piece is a vane sensor that looks like a propeller in a cage. A cable connects the two units together.

To use the air flow gauge, you simply program the size of a register in the house. You enter in square feet into the unit, set a location and measure to air flow using that parameter.

For instance a 4 inch X 8 inch register or 32 square inches will be entered as .22 square feet. Here’s how I came up with the .22 square feet. 12 inches x 12 inches is 144 square inches and that equals one square foot.

Then I divided the 32 square inches, which is the register size, by the 144 inches. This calculates as .22 square feet.

By using this method, it samples the air flow and calculates what the air flow would be through the entire register opening.

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