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An Outside Hose Bib Are You Ready to Replace It?

The outside hose bib or outside faucet. There are three basic types. Galvanized pipe: This type uses galvanized pipes for the water delivery. These pipes have a galvanized coating (silver looking) and rust from the inside out. These are typically found in older homes. They are easily identified by the threads on the back of […]

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Using Pressure Washers Today

Pressure washers have come a long way in the last few years. Only professionals could afford to own them and charged accordingly. They have drastically come down in price and gone up in features and functionality. Now they are in many homes across America as people have discovered how useful they really are. Here is […]

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Our Spa Heater Was Out of Control

This is not an article advising you how to fix your spa heater. There are electricity and water in this piece of equipment that can easily kill you. So, unless you are qualified to work on spas, do not touch anything. This is an article showing how there are still people out there willing to […]

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Refubish A Wooden Porch Swing

My son found most of a wooden porch swing in an old building. All the parts were there. There were just worn out and/or rotten. The original material was redwood. That is a product that is not readily available in Tennessee where we live. The back and arm rests were in good condition. So all […]

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