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Installing Custom Laminate Countertops

Custom laminate countertops are the way to go if your kitchen is designed for a specific look or application. Custom laminate countertops are built from many pieces as you can in the drawing below. custom countertop drawing As with the post formed, the base cabinets are installed in their respective locations. Take the design of […]

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Galvanized Pipe – Watch Out for the Rust!

Cold water galvanized pipe was used in older homes. The original thought was that it did not rust like traditional black iron pipe. What later was discovered was that it will and did rust from the inside out. You have seen the pictures of the plaque/cholesterol that builds up in our arteries. Look at these […]

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Landlord Tips

Here is one of the reasons a person does not want to be a landlord. They don’t want the telephone to ring at 2 AM with a tenant telling them their toilet is overflowing. My wife and I are members of a local real estate investors group, which has approximately 700 – 800 members. That […]

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