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Talking About Bathroom Showers

Bathroom showers can be anything from a place to get a quick wash to a place that you can linger for a relaxing shower massage. Shower sprays range from a fixed bathroom shower head sticking out of the wall to hand held spray heads to shower towers with multiple spray heads. Some even have steam […]

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Our Bathroom Makeover for Under $500.00

Thinking about a new bathroom makeover? Here is how we did it for under $500.00. We would do the following: Refinish the vanity cabinet; Put new hardware on the vanity cabinet; Install a new sink faucet; Put up new fixtures (a towel bar and toilet paper bar); Paint the walls and trim; Install new light […]

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Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Most people think the bathroom exhaust fans are primarily for removing odors and they are partially correct. The real function is to remove moisture from the bathroom. Homes without an outside window in their bathroom should ALWAYS have an exhaust fan installed. Moisture and mold are always a problem in these homes. Some local requirements […]

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Bathroom Design

Before you decide what bathroom design you want, remember this, “do what makes you happy”. While you may want to follow a certain style, do not become so inflexible that you crush your creative spirit along the way. Use a theme or a mood, but put your own personality into the room. Use your favorite […]

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Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can help when it comes to relieving the short supply of storage in the bathroom. More storage is one of the most common reasons people remodel their bathrooms. The first thing to decide is what different type or types of cabinets you want for your bathroom and what the sizes will be. You […]

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Computer Wiring for the Home Office

Computer wiring for the home office. How do I make everything work? There are two basic configurations for connecting your computers together and allowing access to the Internet for surfing and sending and receiving e-mails. They are wired and wireless. WIRED is the most secure. It allows high speed connections of 10 mbps, 100 mbps […]

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Home Office Design

This section of our website is devoted to home office design. More and more of us are working from home these days. We shop from the comfort of our homes via our computers. We also can now pay our bills from our computers. So for a lot of us, there is a need for a […]

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Wall Switch Replacement

In this video, Dave is changing out a wall switch. Below are the steps for replacing a 110 volt single electrical switch, also known as a single-pole electrical switch or a common wall switch, which is shown in the video above: First, and this is VERY important, TURN OFF the electricity that goes to the […]

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