Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can help when it comes to relieving the short supply of storage in the bathroom. More storage is one of the most common reasons people remodel their bathrooms.

The first thing to decide is what different type or types of cabinets you want for your bathroom and what the sizes will be.

You will then want to think what materials you will want your bathroom cabinets to be made of and what the finish will be. It may be a rich mahogany wood finish, bright white or one of the many finishes in between.

Here are a few types of bathroom cabinets.

  • Vanity. A vanity can often be the focal point of the bathroom. It usually sets the tone for the room. It hides the plumbing and holds up the sink and countertop. As an extra bonus, it provides storage.
    When you are shopping for a vanity, check out the different types of storage it has such as: divided and undivided drawers; adjustable or fixed shelving; a built-in hamper; roll-out shelves; and tip-out sink fronts.(Great for hair brushes) Click here for more on vanities.
  • Linen cabinet. A linen cabinet is narrow and tall. It takes advantage of the floor to ceiling space.
  • Medicine cabinet. It is a cabinet that is usually designed with a mirror on the door and is placed on the wall over the sink. It is either hung on the wall or recessed in the wall between two studs. This cabinet offers storage space beyond children?s reach and it is a space to store your small everyday items.
  • Wall cabinets. These cabinets are shallow cabinets and good for small spaces. They can be installed on any available wall space. The most popular place for installing them is over the toilet. The cabinets are typically 6? to 8? deep, 24? wide and 30? tall.

Finally, decide whether your bathroom cabinets need to be stock bathroom cabinets or custom made bathroom cabinets.

    • Stock bathroom cabinets are mass-produced and generally sold by building centers and lumberyards. They are usually less expensive than custom made cabinets.


  • Custom bathroom cabinets are built to order by a cabinet-maker so you get exactly the size, material and finish you want. You can go to a cabinet-maker, a designer or a kitchen and bath showroom to get things started.Make sure you start shopping early for custom bathroom cabinets because it takes at least six to eight weeks from design to delivery.
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