Bathroom Design

Before you decide what bathroom design you want, remember this, “do what makes you happy”.

While you may want to follow a certain style, do not become so inflexible that you crush your creative spirit along the way. Use a theme or a mood, but put your own personality into the room. Use your favorite color and bring in a few of your favorite things.

Usually to get started, most people need some sort of inspiration. Remember what bathrooms you have really been attracted to that have stuck in your mind. What color was the paint? That is a good place to start your own design.

Was there a fabric that jumped out at you? Did it have unusual window treatments? Is there a theme you already have used in the rest of your house that would be good for your bathroom? Are you a collector? Do you like antiques?

Whatever you do, don’t rush the process! Live with the paint, wallpaper and tile samples you choose for a while.

I once painted a room yellow. I finished the whole room, hated it and then repainted it all blue. I would have saved myself a lot of time if I had bought a few small cans of paint and painted a small area of the wall with each color to see which I really liked.

Here are some bathroom design styles that are popular today. They are Traditional, Country, Shaker, Neoclassical, Contemporary, Victorian, Art Deco and the Arts and Crafts Movement. The Arts and Crafts Movement includes Mission, Craftsman and Prairie (Frank Lloyd Wright’s signature style).

Once you have decided the bathroom design that suits your personality, you can begin to take the steps to put together the entire project.

Always listen to your own instincts when finding your own bathroom design and don’t forget to add in your favorite things.

Bathroom Cabinets Bathroom cabinets can be a beautiful focal point of your bathroom while giving you that extra storage space you need whether they are stock or custom cabinets.

Dave Altman

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