Bathroom Remodel

he bathroom remodel is usually high on homeowners’ wish lists, and why not? This is where we spend a lot of time.

This is where most everyone starts and ends their day. We brush our teeth, shave, put on makeup, shower and soak in the tub. So why not have a room that fits your needs. One that makes lingering in the tub a delight.

It can be something as little as installing a new faucet, re-caulk around the tub, paint the walls, add artwork, candles and new towels.

It can also be changing out that vanity top from one sink to two, along with new faucets and light fixtures. Your bathroom remodel may be taking out that tiny shower stall and tub. In its place, put in that whirlpool or a new custom built shower with multiple shower heads, shower towers and steam showers.

Finally a bathroom remodel can also be ripping everything out and redesigning a totally new look.

So, before you choose your plumbing fixtures for your bathroom remodel or plan your budget, think about it. Style should be a big consideration along with function.

And always remember, your bathroom should reflect your sense of style through the use of color, texture and patterns.

Cabinets Bathroom cabinets can be a beautiful focal point of your bathroom while giving you that extra storage space you need whether they are stock or custom cabinets.

Design Chooose a bathroom design that makes you happy and then be creative.

Exhaust Fans Do you think bathroom exhaust fans are only to remove odors? Think again.

Makeover Bathroom makeover tips on how to change that outdated bathroom and bring it into the 21st century on a budget of $500.00.

A Toilet Fill Valve. Here is How You Install One. A fill valve is easy to install in your toilet. Here are easy and complete instructions on how to do it.

Talk About Bathroom Showers Bathroom showers can be anything from a place to get a quick wash to a place that you can linger for a relaxing shower massage.

Want a Rain Shower Head? Here is How to Do It Yourself! The rain shower head is the greatest to have in your shower. It’s not as intense as the regular shower head, but it is a great feeling!

Curved Shower Rod – Installing is a Breeze Installing a curved shower rod is easy and you can be finished very quickly and enjoying the extra room in your shower.

Different Styles of Bathtubs There are many types of bathtubs ranging from enameled steel to acrylic. They are designed to suit anyone’s taste and/or wallet.

Vanities and Mirrors Bathroom vanities are available in an ever increasing array of styles, materials and color choices.

Greenboard or Cement Board Greenboard or Cement Board, which should you use?

Installing Bathtub Shower Doors Installing shower doors are not difficult. We will show you the necessary steps to accomplish this with only a few tools, in a relatively short amount of time.

Cleaning Showers Doors Are you having trouble with cleaning shower doors in your bathroom. Here are a few inexpensive suggestions on what to use.>

Mold and Mildrew – How to Get Rid of It Do you have bathroom mold and mildew? Here is a cheap and easy way to get rid of it.

The Clogged Toilet Our tenant’s clogged toilet call had a surprised ending.

The Leaky Faucet in the Shower and the Fix! Do you have a leaky faucet? The question is, do we fix or replace?

Small Bathroom Remodel in Five Days in a 1920s Home How a small bathroom remodel of 30 square feet under the stairs was accomplished by our son while visiting in South Florida.

A Custom Cabinet Door – How to Make One Need a custom cabinet door to cover up a few shelves in your bathroom? We are going to show you how.

Do Your Bathroom Walls Still Have Glaze? Do you still have glaze on your bathroom walls? Here is how to update those walls!

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