Build Shelving in Your Pantry for Specialty Pans

Dave needed to build shelving in our pantry for a few specialty baking pans. Here is a picture of them to the right.

The fall season is here and the stores have some really interesting baking pans for the holidays. So, we picked up a few of them.

We wanted to keep the pans separated so they do not get scratched. That way we can use them year after year without problems. The finish is smooth and does not stick to the cakes. Throwing them under a cabinet was not an option for longevity.

There was some space in the bottom of the pantry that was not being used. We also wanted something that could be adjusted easily to accommodate different sizes of pans.

What developed was a system of shelving with slots spaced two inches apart and removable partitions that slid in and out as needed.

The material I used was some leftover oak plywood. This was to keep the cost as low as possible. The boards used for the top and bottom are cut exactly the same so the slots line up. There are two non-adjustable shelves glued in place to make sure everything stays in alignment.

Some casing was nailed to the pantry walls and the shelves were dropped in place. Removal is as easy as taking out two screws in the bottom. This way the unit comes apart for refinishing if needed.

Dave Altman

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