Caulking Around Windows and Doors

Using caulking around windows and doors is the easiest method to stop air and water leaks, either in or out. The process is very easy and simple to do.

To the right is a picture of a typical caulking gun with a tube of caulk already loaded.

Talk to the people at your local big box for recommendations. Each area of the country uses something different.

JUST A NOTE: 100% silicone caulking is not paintable. The product I like to use is DAP Alex Painters Acrylic Latex caulk white color. It is an all purpose indoor/outdoor product. It holds up well and remains flexible. Since it is latex, clean up is with water. It also has a 25 year guarantee.

There are two methods to apply caulking. Although I use both, depending on the circumstances, they both work okay. The methods are:

    • push the caulk ahead of the gun; OR
    • drag the caulk behind the gun.

I tend to drag the caulking and then using my finger push it well into the crack I am filling. Make sure you DO NOT allow the caulking to attach itself to a surface other than the one you are trying to seal. Bricks, for instance, lose there appeal if caulking is smeared all over them.

Place masking tape over this area to protect the surface. Remove the tape when you are finished.

Here are the steps for caulking around windows and doors.

    1. Wash the area where the caulk is going to go.
    2. Clean off and remove all loose material.
    3. Install the caulk using the caulking gun.
    4. Press the pressure release to keep the caulk from continuing to come out of the tube
    5. Press the caulk into place using your finger
    6. Paint the new caulking. Caulk is NOT sunlight (UV) friendly.
    7. Remove any tape you may have used.

That window is finished. We can now move to another and repeat the process.

For caulking around windows, this is an easy product to use. If it is applied correctly, it will provide years of useful life.

Caulking Around Windows and Doors to Home Repairs

Dave Altman

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