Cleaning House Gutters: Gutter Getter vs. iRobot Looj

Do your house gutters need a good cleaning? This is my opinion about the iRobot Looj and the Gutter Getter.

They both clean gutters! The iRobot Looj is a remote controlled device and the Gutter Getter is literally a handheld scoop.

I prefer the Gutter Getter. But, I have also put a link to the iRobot Looj if you are interested in a more sophisticated remote controlled device.

After watching a video demonstration, I was not impressed. In the beginning of the video, the man said you didn’t need a ladder. However, you still needed a ladder to put the device in the gutter and to take it out.

Then, it seemed to work really hard going back and forth to move the leaves out of the gutter and the gutter did not look that clean.

Finally when the device came to a large bunch of leaves in the gutter, the video stopped so I couldn’t tell if it cleaned that section or not.

One question I do have is how does it turn the corners? I would think you have to climb up the ladder to move it each time.

Instead of using this device, I would recommend using the Gutter Getter to clean out your house gutters. It is cheaper and not difficult at all.

Here are the items you will need:

    • Gutter Getter;
    • A ladder so you can reach the gutters;
    • Gloves because you don’t know what you will find in the gutters;
    • Yard size garbage bags; and
  • A water hose to wash the gutters out afterwards or a brush to clean them.

Here is all you do:

  • Put a garbage bag below where you will be scooping. This is so all the black gook does not end up in the yard. It makes for an easier cleanup.
  • Use the Gutter Getter to scoop the leaves and any other trash out of your gutters onto the garbage bag below. Scoop about six feet at a time or as far as you can before moving your ladder.
  • After the bulk of the trash is out, rinse the gutter out with a hose or sweep it with a brush. I use a hose.

TIP: Make sure the downspouts are clear by running water through them also.

Dave Altman

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