The Curved Shower Rod – Installing is a Breeze

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that had a curved shower rod that made you think that the shower was larger than it actually was?

I have seen these items for years and could not find them at the local big box stores. So, I thought they must be an item that the hospitality industry had a lock on.

Curved Shower RodWell it turns out, this is not true. these shower rods are available online at reasonable prices.

Basically, the shower rod curves out from the tub about six to eight inches giving the occupant in the shower more shoulder room. A standard rod is 60 inches long and the curved rod is 62 inches long. So, you can still use a standard shower curtain.

The installation of a curved shower rod is very straight forward:

  • Take down the old shower rod.
  • Install the new brackets. The brackets should come with the rod.Close Up of Shower Bracket
  • If the location is okay, put the new brackets in the same spot as the old ones. This will reduce the repairs to the wall and any paint matching.
  • Screw the new brackets to the wall with some substantial hardware as you do not want them to pull out.
  • Attach the curved rod to the new brackets.
  • Finally, hang the shower curtain on your curved shower rod.

Now, enjoy the extra room in your shower with your curved shower rod.

Dave Altman

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