Drywall Tools That Are The Most Useful

Here are good drywall tools for when you are doing any kind of drywall work. Without a doubt, a good mud pan and 6’ knife are the best buys followed by 10” knife. Do not get the cheap stuff. One of my 6” knives pictured here is over 30 years old.

How about a plastic tool for opening those 5 gallon mud or paint buckets? Cut the tabs on the lid then insert this tool and the lid simply pops off with much less effort. This tool really saves your fingertips.

If I am putting up outside metal corner beading, this is one of my drywall tools I cannot do without. It is fast, efficient and really makes the job a snap.

For dry-walling an inside corner, try this tool as it does both sides at the same time. It is so much faster and easier than trying to get the job completed with a regular drywall knife.

When applying drywall tape, everyone has their own preferences. I prefer to use the tape dispenser as I can get the correct length I need. I then drag it through the mud pan and apply to the wall. This one works great.

Mixers, what a selection! Here are just some of the one’s I have. These will mix anything from drywall compound to paint. Just hang on to the bucket when you insert the mixer as sometimes the bucket will start spinning and throwing the contents everywhere. Sorry I do not have any pictures of this.

These are only some of the specialty drywall tools I have. If there are any particular tools you are interested in, drop me a line. Contact Us link

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Dave Altman