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One TV DVR for Two TVs

Is your TV DVR in the living room and you would like to watch the programs you recorded in your bedroom? Here is how you can make it happen: Look at the back of your current DVR and see if there is an unused F connector. It will be labeled RF Out. It should have […]

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Building a Plant Shelf

This is how I built a plant shelf cheaply. My wife mentioned to me one day last fall that she needed a plant shelf in the kitchen for a few plants we had on the back porch before winter arrived. She gave me a basic idea of where she wanted to put the shelf. A […]

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Refubish A Wooden Porch Swing

My son found most of a wooden porch swing in an old building. All the parts were there. There were just worn out and/or rotten. The original material was redwood. That is a product that is not readily available in Tennessee where we live. The back and arm rests were in good condition. So all […]

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Knife Sharpening How Tos

Knife sharpening has the reputation of being the most difficult knife maintenance task! Without the proper tools and procedures it can be. Today’s modern stainless steel knives are very hard and with some maintenance, they will stay sharp for a long time. Below are some basic instructions, along with a technique I have used for […]

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