Green Cleaning Recipes Made With Homemade Ingredients

Here are some green cleaning recipes we have made with ingredients from around the house such as baking soda, vinegar and club soda, which are environmentally friendly. They only take a few minutes to make and you will save a bunch of money over time by not spending it on the brand-name cleaners .

To get film buildup off shower tiles and bathtubs : Use full-strength vinegar by applying it to a sponge. Then just wipe and rinse.

For the toilet bowl: Sprinkle baking soda into the bowl, then squirt with vinegar and scrub with a toilet brush to clean and deodorize the bowl before flushing.

For a good creamy soft scrubber which is great for cleaning the bathtub:Pour about 1/2 cup of baking soda into a bowl then add enough liquid detergent to make the texture like frosting. Scoop the mixture onto a sponge, and wash the surface. It also rinses easily and does not leave grit.

Create a clog-free drain:Pour 1/2 cup baking soda down drain or disposal, followed by 1 cup of white vinegar. Allow to foam for several minutes before flushing the drain with 1 gallon of boiling water. Use this drain cleaner once a week to keep slow drains clog-free.

To cure clogged showerheads: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 quart water in a gallon freezer bag. Put the bag over the showerhead while the showerhead is still attached to the wall. Then close the bag over the showerhead with a bag tie making sure that the solution covers the showerhead. Wait 24 hours and remove the bag and rinse off the showerhead. This works for both metal and plastic showerheads.

To remove stains from carpet and upholstery: For most stains, soak the spot with club soda and blot until the stain is gone.

For cleaning windows : Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water and put in a spray bottle.

Need a hardwood floor cleaner : Mix 1/2 cup vinegar with one gallon of water.

We suggest you use rubber gloves while using all cleaning products.

Dave Altman

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