Green Tips and Saving Money

A lot of us are looking for green tips to help the environment while, at the same time, saving money. Below are some ideas to get you started. Some are these are things we did years ago that are coming back. Some of them we have continued to do over the years and a few are new that we have not tried as yet.

  1. Put a clothesline up either outside or in your basement and hang your clothes until they are almost dry and then put your clothes in the dryer are the last few moments to fluff them.
  2. Instead of buying paper towels, use cloth towels.
  3. Instead of paying the high price for household cleaners here are a few green cleaning recipes.
  4. Reuse gift bags.
  5. Turn off extra lights in your house.
  6. Wash your clothes in cold water
  7. Instead of buying bottled water, get a water filter.
  8. You can save on stamps and envelopes by using automatic or electronic bill pay.
  9. Carpool to and from work even if it is just two or three times a week.
  10. Raise the thermostat in your home in the summer a few degrees and keep it a little cooler in the winter. You will save money. The rule of thumb is for every degree warmer during winter or cooler in the summer, you are looking at a cost increase of least 5 percent.
  11. Use fans to supplement your air conditioning. You can keep your air conditioning set at a higher temperature and it will feel cooler with the air circulating.
  12. Take your own reusable bags to the grocery store
  13. Recycle your rain water with a rain barrel to water your plants.
  14. Check out your local library. Not only can you check out books, you can check out movies for free!

We hope these few green tips help.

Dave Altman

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