Growing Herbs Can Be Difficult

Growing Herbs – how hard can it be? For me, it is not a piece of cake!!

I decided to try growing my own herbs because Dave and I like to use fresh herbs when we cook. We especially like cooking with fresh cilantro, basil and parsley.

The other real plants I have in my home do very well. I have a sort of green thumb or at least I have always been under the impression I have one! But for some reason, I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to growing herbs!

The first thing I did this spring was to go to Home Depot and buy one of those kits. You know – the kit that come with the pots, soil and seeds. The one I bought had clay pots, dried dirt pellets and seeds for cilantro, basil, parsley, chives and thyme.

I followed the instructions. The pots did not have drainage holes. So, I put a few small rocks in the bottom of each of them for drainage. I added water to the pellets as directed and the pellets expanded into dirt. I then filled the pots with the dirt.

I proceeded to put a few seeds in each pot, watered them gently and put them under a grow light.

Within a few days, they started sprouting. Everything was going great!

About four weeks into my growing herbs project, it all changed. My herbs stopped growing and then they started dying.

My kitchen is not that bright. It only receives sunlight from french doors that go out to a covered porch. There is no window for direct sunlight. So that is why I used a grow light.

It has worked well with the other plants in my kitchen. It didn’t for the herbs! They eventually died!

After those herbs died, I went to Home Depot’s garden shop to give it one more shot at growing herbs. This time, I bought two pots of cilantro plants and one chive plant. This was because that really was all they had at the time. My son also brought over a cinnamon basil plant.

I re-potted all of them in separate pots with drainage holes. I put these under fluorescent lights on the countertop in my kitchen.. I watered them when they were dry. They were not standing in water. They had drainage. Just as the instructions advised.

They did fine – for a while. I got a few clippings from the cilantro plants. Then when they weren’t growing fast enough and staying pretty much the same size, I decided to put them out on the East side of the covered porch on the railing.

Then as the first set of herbs, they also started dying.

Right now, I have a little of one of the cilantro plants left and a little of the chive plant left. The rest did not make it.

I guess, I don’t have such a green thumb after all! If you have had success, please advise what I can do to raise healthy herbs.

Thanks, Glenda

Do you have any suggestions on growing herbs?

If you have any suggestions to help me get pass my difficulties with growing herbs, I would appreciate hearing from you?

Dave Altman

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