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Attic Insulation

The primary purpose of attic insulation is to control the environment inside the home to satisfy our comfort needs, reduce operating expenses and to some extent control noise levels. What are the choices available to accomplish this? THE FOUR BASIC TYPES OF ATTIC INSULATION ARE IN ORDER OF THEIR USAGE: Loose Fill or sprayed in […]

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Attic Fans – Use or Not to Use!

MANY YEARS AGO, there were no attic fans in homes. Then someone decided they were necessary and builders started installing them in homes. Times have changed again and now the consensus is they are not needed. The reasons constantly change as more information becomes available. Common sense said “move as much air as possible through […]

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About Attics

Attics: we all know where they are, but what do they really do for us? They hold up the roof; Help keep the sun out; Keep rain from getting into our homes and doing damage; and They are a place to store stuff. What about the squirrel nest, you ask? The picture to the right […]

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