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Hard Flooring Options

Hard flooring is the more durable flooring. It consists of ceramic tile, wood and concrete. Ceramic Tile Flooring. Ceramic tile is very hard flooring, durable, versatile material that is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. This is an excellent choice for high traffic and damp areas. A few examples are: […]

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Soft Flooring Options

Soft flooring is much more than just a floor to walk on. Can you imagine a piece of plywood or worse yet, bare unfinished concrete? The floor determines the style of the room by adding texture, color and personality. Basically there are two soft flooring types, resilient and non-resilient. Resilient retains the ability to recover […]

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Wood Floor Installation

Before the wood floor installation, and specially if you are tackling an extensive remodel, by this time you should have your floor plans completed. Also, all the rough plumbing and rough electrical are in place. Any modifications to the wall structure are completed. The drywall is hung and sealed and all the many details are […]

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Wood Flooring – Pre-finished Versus Unfinished

Up until recently, the majority of wood flooring sales were unfinished. But now, more pre-finished is sold. This is partly due to the fact that pre-finished is cheaper because it does not require as much labor during installation. Also, the pre-finished has a more durable finish than the unfinished, so it is better for high […]

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Cleaning Kitchen Floors

Cleaning your kitchen floors should be done regularly. This is because the kitchen usually has the dirtiest floors in the house. We all track dirt in from the outdoors. Also, think about the grease and spills from cooking. Cleaning frequently also is important to get all that dirt and grime off to preserve its beauty. […]

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Installing Custom Laminate Countertops

Custom laminate countertops are the way to go if your kitchen is designed for a specific look or application. Custom laminate countertops are built from many pieces as you can in the drawing below. custom countertop drawing As with the post formed, the base cabinets are installed in their respective locations. Take the design of […]

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