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Home Office Design

This section of our website is devoted to home office design. More and more of us are working from home these days. We shop from the comfort of our homes via our computers. We also can now pay our bills from our computers. So for a lot of us, there is a need for a […]

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Computer Wiring for the Home Office

Computer wiring for the home office. How do I make everything work? There are two basic configurations for connecting your computers together and allowing access to the Internet for surfing and sending and receiving e-mails. They are wired and wireless. WIRED is the most secure. It allows high speed connections of 10 mbps, 100 mbps […]

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Data Cable Installations in a Home Office

Do it yourself data cable installations in your office is labor intensive. The tradeoffs are that your data will be 100% secure and you will have fast speeds. At the time this article is being written, 100 mega bits per second (mbps) is the most common speed and its cost is very reasonable. Hard wired […]

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Our Home Office Furniture Construction

he desks in the first two pictures are not quite finished. Whatever home office furniture you design, make sure it will support the items you want to place on it. I’m talking about the desktops and/or countertops – NOT the chairs. Build the furniture to support more weight than you anticipate by at least 20%. […]

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Home Satellite Radio Installation

Adding a home satellite radio receiver to your home office is easy. Here is how we did it. There are so few good radio stations in our area that we added satellite receivers to cars for a bigger variety. There is a monthly fee for the service, but it is worth the money. Shortly after […]

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How A Computer Works Analogy

I work in a retail environment and sell computers and software for a living. While trying to help my customers relate to how a computer works, I came up with this analogy. When you walk into your office and sit down at your desk, it is like turning your computer on. You are like the […]

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