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Kitchen Remodeling Process

Kitchen remodeling can be an enormous task, but it is also the most rewarding home remodeling project you can do. The kitchen is also one of the two areas in your house that will bring the greatest value for your money when you sell your home. The bathroom is the other area. The single most […]

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Guidelines in Selecting Kitchen Lighting

Selecting kitchen lighting is a very important aspect in the design of your kitchen. By now you should have the new kitchen floor plan laid out in detail. If not, go back to kitchen appliances and kitchen cabinets to do the lay out. Kitchen lighting serves two purposes: It is decorative as in highlighting something […]

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Layout of Kitchen Appliances

The three primary items for the layout of your kitchen appliances that you need to plan for are the sink, the range and the refrigerator. Once you have these three items placed in your work triangle, add the other kitchen appliances. These are the dishwasher and wall ovens. If there is going to be a […]

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Build Your Own Pizza Oven

I came across this article in one of our local newspapers. It was written by Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times. Should you want a pizza oven at your house, you can convert your regular range for less than $40. The goal when building a pizza oven is to build a wide insert with a low […]

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Dishwasher Installation – The How To

Without a doubt, a dishwasher installation is the easiest of all the appliance installations IF the necessary plumbing and electrical are in place and, of course, there is a space in between the cabinets to place the dishwasher. This space should be 24 inches wide. Less space is not acceptable. More is kind of OK […]

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