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Preparing to Paint Your Room

Preparing to paint is an important step in the painting process. First: Clear The Room Take out all of the small items. Clear the room of the furniture, if possible. If this is not possible, move the furniture as far away from the wall you will be painting as practical.We try and put all the […]

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Pictures of our Back Porch and Spa

It is a relaxing back porch and spa now, but it was not always that way. Below are pictures of a home remodeling project that was done in stages. It started as a deck, which after being spruced up and added to, becomes a covered porch with spa and a great place for summer outdoor […]

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Growing Tomato Plants Upside Down

In the past, my husband, Dave, has put out tomato plants in a bed next to our house. Every summer we have always enjoyed delicious tomatoes. This year he has decided to plant his tomatoes in buckets like they show on TV. He did not buy any special containers. He is using regular 5 gallon […]

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Painting Your House Yourself

In this section you will find information about painting your house. I just love the smell of a fresh paint. We usually paint in the spring as soon as the weather starts to warm. If you have read our “About Us” page, you know we have rehabbed many houses over the years. We painted the […]

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Our Spa Heater Was Out of Control

This is not an article advising you how to fix your spa heater. There are electricity and water in this piece of equipment that can easily kill you. So, unless you are qualified to work on spas, do not touch anything. This is an article showing how there are still people out there willing to […]

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Drywall Repair Made Simple

If you are interested in knowing how to make a simple drywall repair to a damaged wall, this article is worth reading. We will discuss how to cover nail and screw holes using a way that makes them easy to patch and totally disappear. We will also show you how to repair a larger hole […]

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