Our Homeowners Association Against Me

We had a piece of property once in which there was a Homeowners Association, but it was not active and had no rules or regulations.

I was and still am a member of the National Amateur Radio Association. I wanted to put up a 3 foot satellite dish and a 50 foot antenna. The plan was to disguise the satellite dish as a patio table umbrella so it wouldn’t be so noticeable. The concrete was poured and the dish was up. Then came the Notice of Violation.

So here is what happened. Three men showed up at my door and said I was in violation of the Homeowners’ Association. I asked to see the rules stating this. Of course, they didn’t have any. They said the association was just getting organized. So, of course, I refused to take the dish down.

I called the National Amateur Radio Association to find out my rights and got them involved. They in turn brought in some government officials from the FCC. The FCC sent a cease and desist letter to our Homeowners’ Association. The letter said that I was protected under the Rules of Communications.

The Homeowners’ Association said NO. They were going to take me to court. So, three guys came from Washington, DC and met with the judge and other attorney in the case. Suddenly, the case was dismissed.

So, you guessed it. I then put up 10 foot dish and my 50 feet antenna.

So here is my take on a Homeowners Association and Planned Unit Developments. Keeping the neighborhood clean and making sure the upkeep is being taken care of is good for resale. But, an organization that has a “grass police” division where they measure your grass height weekly is missing the point. Having to have any prospective purchaser “approved” is also not good, as is putting in roads and then advising you your assessment will be $20,000 this year.

Dave Altman

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