How to Remove a Coffee Stain From Carpet

Nothing wakes you up in the morning like a hot cup of your favorite coffee! But sometimes the morning rush can lead to accidents, and your morning coffee just might end up all over the carpet! Don’t worry, this guide will give you some useful tips on cleaning up a coffee stain from carpet.

As with any other spill, you want to act fast. Getting as much of the spill soaked up is your number one priority, so grab a rag or some paper towels and start blotting. Resist the urge to scrub, this can make it worse. You want to gently blot, so as to avoid damaging the carpet fibers or spread the spill.

Next you want to flush the area with cold water. Then using a clean towel or wash cloth, continue blotting. The goal is to dilute and absorb as much of the coffee as possible before it has a chance to set in.

Next we want to mix up a carpet cleaning solution. Add 1/4 cup of lemon juice to two cups of warm water. You can also add a little liquid dish-washing detergent or powdered laundry detergent as well, just make sure it is a non-bleach detergent. Another option is to use 1/3 cup of white vinegar to 2/3 cups water.

Next you want to apply your carpet cleaning detergent directly to the affected area using a spray bottle. Using a damp towel, begin to blot the area. Make sure you start from the outside and work your way in. Keep repeating, making sure to move on to a clean unused area of the towel. After you have removed the coffee stain, rinse the area with clean water. Apply cold water using a spray bottle to mist the area where the coffee spill was, then using a clean damp towel to blot.

After the coffee stain has been removed, use a clean dry cloth or towel to blot up as much moisture as possible. Then place a dry towel over the damp area and place something heavy like a large phone book over the top, keeping it there until the next day. This will ensure that any wicking that occurs during drying will transfer to the towel. If after these steps you still have a remaining stain on the carpet, call a professional carpet cleaning company like  SteamPro Carpet Cleaning in Jefferson City MO. A professional carpet cleaning company SteamPro Carpet Cleaning will be able to use the best methods of carpet cleaning and stain removal. Continue reading our blog for more carpet cleaning tips.

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