This is the section where Dave talks about HVAC units, including ducts, motors, filters, duct fans, and air flow gauges. If you do not see your problem here, do not hesitate to contact us. If Dave knows the answer, he will share it with you.

HVAC Duct Problems: Here is what Dave did when a tenant called him about the tenant’s house being hot even though the air conditioner was running. HVAC Duct Problems

Air Flow Gauge or Thermo-Anemometer: This gauge is used to measure the amount of air flow that comes out of a duct. Click here to read more about this Air Flow Gauge.

AC Blower Motor Stopped Working:On a very cold winter day, another of our tenant’s HVAC unit had an AC blower motor stopped working. Dave had to get the tenant’s system up and working quickly. Here are the steps he took to get that heat flowing again.

Winter Maintenance Tips for your Furnace: On our winter maintenance tips page, here are tips about what to do to get your furnace ready for winter.

Here is more HVAC Information.

Air Conditioning Filters: Here is HVAC inforamtion about changing your filters to keep the cost of running the HVAC unit down and to keep the air we breathe in our house clean. Read the other reasons why to change them regularly.

Using a Duct Fan: If you need to get more heat and/or air conditioning to the second floor of your home, check why we used a duct fan instead of putting another HVAC unit in our home. Here is what we did

Duct Fan Question: Here is an email exchange between Dave and Steve, who contacted Dave through email, regarding installing a duct fan. Click here to read their conversation.

What We Did to Change Out Our HVAC Unit and Why: After high gas bills, leaking carbon monoxide gas into our house and the smell of skunk, we finally took the plunge and replaced our HVAC Unit. Here is the story.

Dave Altman

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