The Many Uses of Indoor Outdoor Carpeting

If you are in the process of finishing your basement, or if you have a three season room, you should consider using indoor outdoor carpeting. This type of carpeting is very inexpensive and is made to hold up better when it comes to moisture. It has a rubber backing that deflects water and thus eliminates the potential for mold build up.

Indoor Outdoor or IO Carpeting in the Basement: IO carpeting is the perfect choice for a basement because of several reasons. If you have been looking for flooring for your basement, you have probably considered the options of tile or carpeting. Both are very expensive options however. For functionality and price, indoor outdoor carpeting for your basement may be your best option.

Why pick a cheap option when it comes to your basement floor? Simple – because the basement is below ground and can flood. Even if you live in an area that never floods, basements can be the weak link. It only takes torrential rains or the sump pump to stop working and your basement is under water. Replacing carpeting and tile can be very expensive.

IO Carpeting v/s Linoleum Tiles: The only option that is cheaper than indoor outdoor carpeting for a basement floor is linoleum square tiles. The time for these tiles was in the 1960s, and this is where they should stay. They look tacky and give off a cold appearance. A basement tends to be ten degrees cooler than the rest of the house, why make it even colder with tile?

IO Carpeting in Three Season Rooms: In addition to using this carpeting in the basement, you can also use it in a three season room. Basically a covered porch, a three-season room is also called a garden room. It is usually surrounded by glass, but is not insulated. Because it is essentially an extra room it is usually not heated and the room can get too cold to use in winter. Three season rooms are commonly used to store hot tubs.IO carpeting is a good idea in a three season room because it can give the room a bit of warmth and can withstand the cold temperatures. Moreover, itÂ’s water resistant feature is a boon if you intend storing a hot tub in the room.

IO Carpeting in the Kitchen and Bathroom: Because it is water resistant and can withstand stains, people often used IO carpeting in the kitchen and bathroom. Today, very few people carpet these rooms, however you may see indoor outdoor carpeting in kitchens and bathrooms of older homes.

IO Carpeting on the Patio: Indoor outdoor carpeting can also be used on cement porches to make them more comfortable and safer to walk on. Because it can be used directly on concrete, it is also a viable option for patios. Indoor outdoor carpeting is still used quite a bit today and is an ideal option for a finished basement or patio.

IO Rugs: If buying carpet is out of the question then consider some indoor outdoor area rugs instead. There are many different styles, colors and patterns available for every room of the home. You can even shop for outdoor braided area rugs that are just perfect for the kitchen.



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