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Here is the start of our electrical section. For now, we have place it on this page.

Recessed Lighting – A Hidden Treasure for Your Home Recessed lighting is a great way to light up those dark corners in your home. It is easy to install while your home is being built. However, when it comes to an older home, it depends on a lot of variables in the construction.

Check out how to change an electrical ballast in your fluorescent light fixture.

Does you desk lamp need repair? Dave repaired his cheaply instead of buying a new one. Also, there are written instructions.

Do you need to replace a couple of duplex outlets in your home? Watch Dave doing exactly that in a video.

Here is how to replace a wall switch. Also, watch Dave changing one out in a video

Other Inside House Miscellaneous:

What’s Hot in the Evolving World of Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts? The super slim flat screen TV is the hottest trend in flat panels and a new generation of wall mounts continues this concept by keeping super slim flat panel TVs closer to the wall than ever before.

Do you need to mount your tv bracket to the wall? Here are instructions to do so.

Watch your recorded programs in the bedroom that you recorded in the livingroom. Here is how.

Are you having problems with season with inside house allergies? Here are some tips on what to do to help

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