Kitchen Remodeling Process

Kitchen remodeling can be an enormous task, but it is also the most rewarding home remodeling project you can do. The kitchen is also one of the two areas in your house that will bring the greatest value for your money when you sell your home. The bathroom is the other area.

The single most important aspect of successful kitchen remodeling is the design of the projected finished floor plan and elevation plan. Do your homework and design a kitchen in a way that is functional. There are many sources that can help with this task. Go to your local library, book store or home improvement center. There are also a lot of good designing shows on television. Get some ideas of what is appealing and works for you.

We will help you get started in the right direction for a great completed project. There are plenty of design ideas everywhere so utilize them. Consider everything in your planning such as:

    • Floor Plans: The basic layout for a kitchen remodel will be determined by the shape of the room. If your room is long and thin with everything on one wall, a straight line will work. For a larger room, think in terms of a work triangle. The three points in kitchen remodeling is the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. The shape changes as the size of the room changes and the position of the appliances change.
    • Kitchen Cabinet Plans: Cabinets range from stock to semi-custom to custom to carpenter built. If you want a rustic look to your kitchen, carpenter built plywood may suffice. Stock cabinets come in specific sizes and can come assembled or not assembled. Unassembled cabinets are shipped flat and assembled on the job site. These are things to consider when planning the layout of your cabinets during your kitchen remodeling project. In a perfect world, you could design the cabinets without regard to dimensions and have them made to fit.
    • Countertops Made From Formica (or plastic laminate), Ceramic Tile, Granite, Wood or Concrete: Countertops can range from very basic to extremely exotic. The most common is laminate as it is reasonable, durable and has been around a long time. Ceramic tile is durable, but has no tolerance for a dropped glass. Granite and marble are typically in higher-end homes and they do require some maintenance. Wood and butcher block which is typically laminated from hardwood like maple, are not waterproof and require maintenance. Concrete is growing in popularity as it can be fabricated to look like any stone product. Concrete does require maintenance to maintain its water resistance. Stainless steel is appearing in more and more homes. Personally to me it resembles a commercial kitchen. If you entertain a lot, this might be the material for you.
    • Electrical (how many outlets and where): When making your kitchen remodeling plans, place one outlet for every 4 feet of cabinet length. Do not put outlets behind the sink or the range. Remember to add sufficient electrical capacity for all the appliances you will be using.
    • Plumbing Requirements when it comes to kitchen remodeling – Plumbing is relatively easy: Where is the sink going? Is there an additional sink in the kitchen? Any other drains or supplies needed? Are you going to have an ice maker? Remember a stand alone ice maker requires a supply and a drain.
    • Lighting (both natural and artificial): Use the chart in Selecting Kitchen Lighting section of this website to determine how much light you need for your kitchen remodeling and plan to take electrical requirements accordingly. Do you want 100% functional or do you want to add in something special or perhaps mood lighting?
    • Sinks with a Perfect Kitchen Faucet: For sinks, do you want one bowl, two bowls, three bowls or some custom variation? There are many choices. Faucets come in an almost endless selection. What features do you want? Browse your plumbing supply house for ideas.
    • Floor Material: Floor coverings fall into two broad categories: 1) hard (wood, laminate, ceramic tile and stone); and 2) soft (vinyl).

Perhaps there’s a kitchen island you always wanted for food preparation. How large of a pantry do you need?

Make provisions for layout of kitchen appliances.

Refrigerator: How large should it be? Stainless steel or enamel? If enamel, what color?

Stove: Do you want a separate cook top and oven? Single or double oven?

Dishwasher, disposal, microwave (built in or countertop); and

Specialty appliances: Where are you going to store them? Are you going to buy them new? In most cases, a lot of money can be saved by purchasing used appliances, buying a few vital components at this site or at most local hardware stores, and then reinstalling the appliance. The appliances won’t be brand new technically, but they sure will look and act like they are.

Here are some Helpful Kitchen Tips that offers useful tips for the kitchen: about the equipment of this special, oft-used room in our home. Buying guides for kitchen cutlery, small appliances, cookware and bakeware, kitchen furniture, storage and organization, plumbing, etc.

All these are questions that need to be answered before you begin with your kitchen remodeling. There are MANY things to consider in the planning stages to ensure the final product will meet all the requirements of your dream kitchen. Now is the time to plan in detail.

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