Desk Lamp Repair versus Replacement

The lamp on my desk quit working last week. After replacing the light bulb and it still did not work, of course I knew it was broken. I had to decide whether I should replace the lamp or conduct my own lamp repair. I decided to first find out what may be the problem.

While rotating the on/off switch, it became apparent the switch was the problem. Instead of a good solid click, it was little more than a grinding noise.

A similar replacement switch cost only $5.00. That is much cheaper than a new desk lamp so I decided to make the repair. It was easy and relatively quick. A picture of the old and new lamp sockets are above.

To accomplish the lamp repair that I did, here is what you do:

    1. Make sure the cord is unplugged.
    2. Remove the light bulb.
    3. Remove the lamp shade.
    4. Remove the knob at the top of the fixture. Pry it off.
    5. Unscrew the knurled knob on the switch. (A knurled knob is one that has a small ridge providing a rough surface that can be gripped.
    6. Pull out the socket.
    7. Unscrew the wires.
    8. Throw the broken switch away.
    9. Screw the wires to the new switch.
    10. Place the new lamp socket in the light fixture and attach the knurled knob.
    11. Reinstall the lamp shade.
    12. Reinstall the light bulb.
    13. Reinstall the knob.
    14. Plug the cord back in.
    15. Test for correct operation.

My repair job was finished. It took longer to drive to the big box and purchase the parts than it did to repair to lamp fixture.

Dave Altman

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