An Ozone Generator and Bromine Tablets Should You Use Both in Your Spa?

Is just an ozone generator in your spa okay without the addition of bromine tablets?

We have had a spa for years and we enjoy it very much. It just melts away tension and it helps with the little aches and pains. As we are getting older this is especially important to us.

Spa and hot tub maintenance are important to keep any spa fresh and sanitary. The reason is that the water temperature in a spa stays extremely high and the spa constantly stays damp, which encourages the growth of bacteria.

Ozone is a great oxidizer of pollutants in water. Have you ever smelled that slightly sweet smell in the air after a storm? Well, that smell is ozone! An ozone generator or “ozonator” aids in removing contaminants from the water and, they make ozone generators specially for hot tubs and spas.

We vote yes to using bromine along with an ozone generator.

Our first spa was bought in the early 1990s. An ozonator did not come installed on our spa. It was an option at that time. We decided not to purchase the ozonator and to use just chemicals.

When we bought our next spa ten years later, it had an ozonator built-in and we were told, at that time, we did not need to use bromine.

So we didn’t!

What happened was within a short period of time, a terrible rash broke out on my back. It itched as though I got into a patch of poison ivy. It drove me crazy!!

Finally, I went the dermatologist. He took one look at my back and asked:

“Do you have a spa?” And I said: “Yes”.

As I looked closer at the rash, it was in the pattern of the jets where I sat in my spa.

The doctor said that using the ozonator absent adding any bromine or chlorine and the constant hot water, we were not killing all the organisms that breed in spas.

They do not bother the majority of people. But I, unfortunately, am very susceptible to this type of thing.

The fix for this was to totally drain the spa, clean it and dry it. Then – HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART – let it air dry for at least two days before refilling with water.

Before we filled the spa with water again, we went to the pool and spa store and bought bromine and a bromine floater. We have always used bromine to this day and I have not had another outbreak.

Dave Altman

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