Our Paint Fix For That Bright Wall Color

Do you need a paint fix? Did you pick a color like bright yellow that once you put it on your wall, it looked as though you turned on the neon sign? What should you do?

Well, don’t panic!! There are plenty of options to tone down that wall color!

First, I have heard people say to just add white paint to the existing paint until you get the lighter color you want. The problem with this is – what if you need more than one gallon of that color? Your chances of exactly matching that shade are very, very slim.

Here is my paint fix suggestion:

  1. Take the paint back to the paint store and try for a refund. Some stores will do this and some stores will not.
  2. If they won’t take it back, ask them if they will add some tint base to it to get the shade you are looking for. An experienced paint person can usually do this. They may or may not charge you. Once again, it depends upon the store.

Here are a few things you can do if you just do not want go to that much trouble or don’t want to repaint. I still put them in the category of a paint fix!

    1. Putting neutral colors such as white or beige in the room will soften the mood.Here are a few examples:
      1. Put neutral color pictures on the walls;
      2. Use solid neutral colored slipcovers on your furniture. You do not want to use any patterns;
      3. Use solid neutral-colored curtains or drapes at the windows. Covering the windows will soften the light that comes into the room so it will not be so bright; or
      4. If it is in the bedroom, make sure your bedding and curtains are neutral in color.
      5. Finally, using a dimmer light with soft light bulbs or blue/daylight bulbs helps bring down that brightness.

I hope these paint fix suggestions have helped tone down your room!

Dave Altman

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