Painting Ceiling or the Underside of the Roof

Spray Painting Ceiling: We started with the underside of the roof/ceiling: This is a 3-inch thick aluminum insulated roof. To keep brush marks to a minimum, we used the high pressure paint sprayer -Wagner Paint Crew Model 770 with the 2,750 PSI output. That is plenty of pressure to spray almost anything liquid.

SAFETY NOTE: Remember to Wear protective clothing, as well as face and eye protection.

Mask off anything AND everything you do not want painted as in the pictures below.

NOTE: The big boxes sell a really neat product called pre-taped drop cloth, It is in a roll dispenser that unrolls and becomes 105 inches by 50 feet. Masking tape has been applied at the top of the roll in such a manner that you unroll, apply the tape and let the remaining plastic fall to the floor. The plastic is very thin and easily disposed of. This is what was used in the pictures above.

When painting ceiling of decks or porches, if you have any stains such as smoke on the ceiling, use KILZ oil-based first before applying the final coat. We used it because of the smoke stains from our smoker. We did not want to take the chance of the smoke stains bleeding through the final coat of paint.

NOTE: Oil base KILZ seems to have less bleed through than latex KILZ.

We waited 24 hours, then sprayed Outdoor White Latex High Gloss on the ceiling.

NOTE: Spray the first coat of KILZ oil based in one direction and the final coat of Outdoor White Latex High Gloss in a perpendicular direction. This reduces the chance of tiger striping showing up.

Pull the plastic drop covering off the walls and dispose of it.

Dave Altman

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