Painting Your House Yourself

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In this section you will find information about painting your house.

I just love the smell of a fresh paint. We usually paint in the spring as soon as the weather starts to warm.

If you have read our “About Us” page, you know we have rehabbed many houses over the years. We painted the interior of each and every one of those homes ourselves.

We have now decided that it is time to share with you how we go about painting homes so they look charming again.

Is there a room in your home that you would like to paint?

Even though you are ready to start painting your house, maybe this is your first time to paint and you are a little apprehensive about where to start? Well, here are some simple step by step instructions on how to accomplish this task. You will be finished before you know it and your room will look beautiful!

Painting Your House – The Interior Walls

We all want our home to be pleasing to the eye? Walls are the foundation and canvas of each room. When you add paint to those walls, its starts your journey of imagination.

We usually use a neutral tan color on our walls. We use white semi-gloss for the trim. Then we add splashes of color with rugs, pillows, artwork and curtains throughout.

Whatever your preference, you need to start with making sure you are taking care of your drywall first by fixing any flaws. Then paint to make it look fantastic!

Let’s start your journey of painting your house by inspecting the walls.

Imperfect Walls:

Paint Finishes and Paint Types:

Since you are now painting your house, you probably have an idea what color you want on your walls.


Preparing to Paint:



Paint Fixes

Below is information on painting your deck. Check it out!

Here is Some Information on Painting Your Deck:

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