Preparing to Paint Your Room

Preparing to paint is an important step in the painting process. First:

Clear The Room

    • Take out all of the small items.
    • Clear the room of the furniture, if possible. If this is not possible, move the furniture as far away from the wall you will be painting as practical.We try and put all the furniture the center of the room.
    • Cover ALL the items left in the room with a drop cloth or plastic cloth.


  • Completely cover your floor from wall to wall with a drop cloth or plastic cloth. Or if you prefer, place it over the floor in front of the wall where you are working and then move it as you continue to paint around the room.If you do not think your floor cover will stay in place, secure it with masking tape or painters tape.The purpose is to stop any spills or drips from reaching your floor. Also, this makes for an easier cleanup.
  • Remove all the items on the walls like pictures and curtain rods.
  • Remove any nails or other hardware you have in the walls.

Now that you have cleaned out the room, you are ready for the next step.

Preparing to Paint the walls.

Preparing your walls before painting is very important. You want them to look smooth and flawless. There should not be any holes and cracks when you apply the paint.


TIP: Be sure to test your tape on the wall or baseboard surface before taping the entire room. You do not want to damage the finish with an overly sticky tape.

It is often easier to use sections of tape about 12 inches long. Then, take care to overlap the sections of tape and line them up. The object is to get the tape as straight as possible.

Now that you have finished preparing to paint, you are ready to paint those walls. Here are step by step painting instructions.

Dave Altman

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