Small Home Projects

This section is for the small projects around the house that takes one day or less to finish

First we have knife sharpening how to?We will show you a trick that came right out of a very old Boy Scout manual. Yes, Dave was a Eagle Scout and proud of it.

Next we will show you how to build a train table for Thomas the Tank Engine! It is easy to do!

We next move on to picture hanging.There are so many tricks to getting this picture hung right the first time. We will show you so you can pick the one that fits you the best.

Here are some more projects.

Do you have a flat screen tv bracket to be mounted on the wall? Here are step by step instructions to help you.

Do you want to watch your TV DVR programs, you are recording in the living room, in the bedroom? Here is how.

Garage door openers are convenient home accessories to have and they are not that hard to install.

Here is a project that was made very inexpensive. We paid $3.99 for a 42″ rickety unfinished sheff and with the use of a little sandpaper, glue and leftover polyurethane, we turned it into a sturdy, functionally plant shelf.

Do you need some specialty shelving for your baking pans? See what Dave made in my pantry!

Check out the dvd shelves I made for my cousin. Here I am giving step by step instructions for building cabinet doors. For the same cabinet doors, here I go into more detail about building them and the tools I used.

Also, see the wooden porch swing my son and I refubished.

Window treatment Ideas

Do you have some window treatment ideas? Just not sure exactly how to go about it? It is something most people only do on a rare occasion so never really master. Would you like some great ideas on how to dress your windows! Want to learn the easy ways to make fit your own windows treatments. Then click here Window treatment ideas made easy to find tons of useful free info to help you on your way.

Check out our homemade kitty litter box cover and our ongoing kitty litter box saga.

Rob has built a shed. See what he did.

Dave Altman

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