PureGuardian H920BL Humidifier Review


The PureGuardian Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is really compact and the size works well for small bedrooms or offices. The nightlight can be turned off and on, which is something that other humidifiers like the VIcks Warm Mist Humidifier cannot control, making it a good option for a bedroom humidifier. Because this humidifier is cool mist, it’s good for children’s rooms as there is no risk of getting burned by the water vapor. It also has a mold and mildew resistant tank that’s easy to clean and maintain.


There is a small water tank, which requires refilling multiple times a day if you put your humidifier on the highest setting. The PureGuardian Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is very close to being silent, it makes a slight noise that you may notice if you put it’s right next to your bed. It also makes a clicking noise when it switches into reset mode once the humidifier runs out of water, which depending on your settings, might happen before you wake up in the morning. Depending on whether you’re a light sleeper or not and where you’re using your humidifier, you might want to go with a quieter model.

Overall Recommendation

I recommend the PureGuardian H920BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for those looking for an inexpensive way to humidify a small space. With no wicks or filters to replace, it’s an affordable option for humidifying small bedrooms or offices for 10 hours quietly. It also works for children’s rooms to provide relief from dry air in a safe manner.


PureGuardian H920BL Humidifier Features

Type: Ultrasonic
Area: 300 square feet
Output: .5 gallon
Antimicrobial: Yes
Automatic Shut Off: Yes, when the water runs low
Water Level Indicator: Yes
Daily Maintenance Required? No
Weekly Maintenance Required? Yes
Replacement Filter or Wick Required: No
Replacement Cartridge Required: No
Dual Mist: No
Programmable: No
LED Light: Yes

PureGuardian H920BL Humidifier Rating

Output Rating: 2/5
Ease of Use Rating: 5/5
Noise Rating: 5/5
Energy Rating: 5/5
Hard Water Rating: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4.2/5

PureGuardian H920BL Humidifier Review Description

The PureGuardian is a unltrasonic cool mist humidifier that uses metal rings to vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies to produce water vapor and humidify the air. Cleaning should be done every one to two weeks depending on how heavily you use it. There aren’t any parts to replace with makes this humidifier a very affordable option with a low upkeep cost. It also comes with a three year warranty that will protect you from any product defects, adding to the value.


Separate the tank from the body of the humidifier, and open the tank lid. Only place cool, clean water in the tank. Tap water can be used but if you have hard water that’s filled with lots of minerals, then it’s best if you use distilled water instead. Close the lid and reattach the tank to the body of the humidifier. Plug in the power adaptor, and press the button to turn on the humidifier.

Pushing the power button once turns on the low setting, pressing it twice turns on the nightlight. Pressing it three times puts the power on high. Four times turns off the nightlight and keeps the humidifier on the high setting. You can adjust the direction of the mist at any time. When the water in the tank runs low, the refill LED light changes to red and the unit shuts off automatically.

PureGuardian H920BL Humidifier Cleaning

Cleaning this humidifier is easy to do and depending on the frequency of use you should clean the PureGuardian Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier every one to two weeks. To clean this humidifier, unplug the unit, being sure not to submerse it in water during cleaning.

Start cleaning the inside body of the humidifier by pouring any excess water out of the unit, and rinsing it out with fresh water and wiping it down with the cleaning brush or a soft cloth. Fill the water tank with fresh water and shake it to remove any scaling. Use the cleaning brush and a teaspoon of water and vinegar to remove and mineral buildups from the ultrasonic disk.

My Recommendation

I recommend the PureGuardian Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier for those who want a small, compact humidifier that’s easy to maintain and inexpensive. With the proper care, this humidifier should last for years and provide you with relief from dry weather. This is one of the best selling humidifiers in this price range because of its size, ease of use, and humidifying abilities.

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