Want a Rain Shower Head? Here is How to Do It Yourself!

We changed to a rain shower head and we are happy we did. The shower head in one of our bathrooms had the typical spray head like in the picture below. Sure you could adjust the intensity of the spray, but little else.

Well, we were shopping one afternoon and a rain shower head was spotted on the shelf. Needless to say, it was tossed into the shopping cart on the way to the checkout counter.

Now, what I really want is the car wash shower system. You know, the one with a dozen heads so all you have to do is hold up your arms, rotate 360 degrees and you are done.

We have the perfect location. There is a garden tub in the master bath that is useless. Stay tuned – as that may be a project down the line.

Well, back to the project at hand.

This little project can be completed in less than 1/2 hour and yet bring many hours of enjoyment.

Grab the following tools:

  • a crescent wrench;
  • a pair of Robogrip pliers with plastic tip covers; and
  • a roll of Teflon tape.

Here is what you do to change the head in the shower to a new rain shower head.

  • Use the RoboGrips to grab the chrome pipe going into the wall. They will not scratch or damage the finish.
  • Use the crescent wrench to unscrew the current head.
  • Clean off any remaining Teflon tape and wrap with new tape.
  • Attach the new rain shower head. Use only your hands to attach it and thread onto the shower pipe.
  • Go two complete turns going with the direction of the threads. DO NOT FORCE ANYTHING as everything is plastic and can be cross-threaded easily guaranteeing you a leak.
  • Turn the head 1/2 turn with the wrench after it stops turning by hand.
  • Turn on the water and test for leaks.


The really nice feature about this rain shower head is that with a simple push of a button, it converts from rain pattern to a conventional head.

Easy project, enjoy the new rain shower head

Dave Altman

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