Recycling Paper Helps the Environment!

Recycling paper – Did you know that Americans used 88 million TONS of paper goods last year? To put this in a different perspective, think of this as 2 billion books, 350 million magazines and 24 billion newspapers.

The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. That equals 4 million tons of just copy paper generated by office workers or approximately 2 pounds of paper wasted every day per individual.

I know, in our office, we use two cases of copy paper each month. That equals 100 pounds of paper each month or approximately 3.3 pounds of paper each day. What ever happened to the paperless society that was supposed to revolutionize the future and save our forest?

Statistics show that I am responsible for causing the loss of a 100 foot Douglas fir tree every year. Multiply that number by every citizen and you can understand why the forests are disappearing at the alarming rate. We must stop this waste!

It turns out that we live in a state that is very low in the amount of recycling effort. Check out to see how your state stands.

After searching the web to change my buying habits, it turns out recycled copy paper is more expensive and is available with little selection. We usually start shopping when our supply gets down to two or three reams on the shelf and whoever is running a special gets the purchase. Sometimes we can find 12 reams for the same price of the usual 10. We use the rewards cards from my stationary supplier to get a better deal when we can.

Recycling Paper Right now, they will recycle our used ink jet cartridges we use in our color printer for a $5.00 credit on each one. Not bad when you consider we are using HP 02 cartridges that cost $10.00 each. That is a 50% credit back!

The bottom line is: “What can we do to help save the planet? No, I am not a tree hugger, but let’s leave something for our children and save money at the same time. Recycling paper is a good start!

Dave Altman

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