How Many Roof Shingles Will You Need?

The most common type of roof shingles are the three-tab fiberglass shingles. Measuring how many of these shingles you need is easy.

A three-tab fiberglass shingle is 36 inches long and 12 inches wide. The part of the shingle that is visible is only 5 inches wide and 36 inches long. The remainder is covered or overlapped by parts of other shingles to protect your roof from the elements. Usually the three-tab fiberglass shingle has a life expectancy of 20 or more years, depending upon the environment.
Below is a chart to assist you in measuring how many packages of roof shingles you will need. This is an estimating guide. It does not include the starter strip or ridge vent quantities or any scrap material.

Shingles are bundled in quantities the installer can safely carry up a ladder. Typically there are three bundles per “square”. A square is defined as the material required to cover 100 square feet or an area 10 feet by 10 feet.

The amount of tar paper or felt is also measured in “squares”. Remember the tar paper or felt goes over the base material, which is usually wood, to protect the roof.
Start putting all materials on at the lowest edge and over lap as they go upward to make sure there is no easy way for water to enter. Shingles are ONLY used on roofs that are not flat, but have a pitch to help get rid of the water. The higher the pitch, the faster the water runs off.

When having your roof repaired, ALWAYS get several estimates and then compare them. Also, make sure the contractor has liability insurance and workers comp insurance to protect YOU!

Remember that working on a roof can be dangerous if you are not careful. The higher the pitch or elevation, the more danger. Always take proper precautions.

Dave Altman

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