Selecting From Above Ground Pool Covers

Owning a pool is a substantial investment that must be protected and cared for. Surprisingly, this process is relatively simple by purchasing numerous inexpensive products and services as well as regular scheduled routine maintenance.

Pools are exposed to numerous elements including weather, debris, and miscellaneous other factors that deter from the aesthetics of the pool as well as the water quality. While your pool is not in use, it is imperative to keep it covered to retain the integrity of the safe swimming water while ensuring your pool remains protected from falling debris and other severe elements that expose the pool to damage.

Above ground pool covers have become extremely advanced in technology, design, color, and shape. While this generally lowers the overall cost of pool covers, it can create a confusing consumer experience which could result in needing help with the purchase. This article will provide that help while uncovering the unique characteristics of pool covers and why each is beneficial for your above ground pool.

When should I use a pool cover?

There are many reasons why one would want to use an above ground pool cover. One of the most important reasons is for those that have small children.

A child near a pool unattended or without your knowledge is extremely dangerous. Even if the child can swim, falling in the pool unintentionally could cause severe harm and even death to your child. Keeping your pool covered at all times when not in use is crucial to the safety of your children. Also, one should use a pool cover every time it is not in use when they do not use the pool terribly often.

When used regularly, the water temperature is much more regulated and consistent for a more enjoyable and consistent experience. If not used terribly often, the water temperature could become extremely cold or hot which creates a horrible swimming experience.

Benefits of an above ground pool cover

One of the most advantageous aspects of an above ground swimming pool is during the winter months.

The winter months often leave your pool extremely unused which leaves the water exposed to the cold weather.

Winter pool covers are very thick and durable which are usually comprised of vinyl or rubber and keeps you pool free from mud, dirt, leaves, cold (freezing water), and snow. The winter months often wreak havoc on water quality which creates unnecessary costs associated with having to have it retreated prior to use during the warmer months.

Above ground pool covers are also beneficial in keeping out rodents and insect. Surprisingly, many people overlook this benefit as they feel rodents and pests will not go into the water.

Indeed, most rodents and insects will not survive in your pool; however, this does not mean they will not enter you pool without your knowledge or wanting. Cleaning the water from such pests could be an extremely unsavory event which could drastically deter from your enjoyment of your above ground pool.

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