Steps to Steam Cleaning Carpets in Your Home

Steam cleaning carpets in your home should be done at least every 18 months.

Vacuuming weekly and taking off your shoes before walking on your carpet, you can extend the time between cleanings even longer. It will also extend the life of your carpet.

First, you need to rent a steam cleaner. You can usually rent one at your local hardware store or grocery store. The steam cleaner uses shampoo mixed with water to clean your carpet. The machine you rent should be able to take out enough water from the carpet so that it dries within 12 hours. Make sure the unit you rent does this. You want the dampness in the carpet not to linger because if your carpet stays damp too long, bacteria and mildew will start growing.


    1. VACUUM THOROUGHLY:It is important that all particles and loose soil in your carpet are removed before you add any water to it. Otherwise, this debris will be driven down into the fibers. As they become soaked by the steam, it will be harder to remove the loose bits down in between the fibers. This will leave your carpet looking shabby.So, make sure to vacuum first!
    2. TREAT ANY STAINS YOU SEE:Do you have high traffic areas that are extra dirty? How about pet stains or spills? These will need to be pre-treated first before you use the machine. To do this, you can use a carpet stain or spot remover. There are many different kinds on the market today. They usually sell the solution for treating spots where you rent your machine. You may also want to do a little research on which type is best for you before you buy any products.
  1. NOW, IT IS TIME TO CLEAN THE CARPET:To accomplish this, use the steam cleaner according to the machine’s instructions. Make sure the carpet shampoo you use is non-toxic. This is imperative if you have children and/or pets.
  2. TIME TO RINSE:It is important to get that ALL that shampoo out of your carpet. If you do not get all the shampoo out of the fibers, it will leave a sticky residue. This sticky residue will attract dirt and cause your carpet to become soiled at a faster rate than it did before it was cleaned.So make sure you rinse thoroughly!
  3. FINALLY LET YOUR STEAMED CLEANED CARPETS DRY COMPLETELY:Before you walk on your carpet or put any furniture on it, remember to make sure it is completely dry!We usually use one or two fans in the room to speed up the drying process. You can also use a dehumidifier to help with removing the dampness from the air.


Dave Altman