Step by Step Painting Instructions for Your Walls

Are you ready for our step by step painting instructions?

Start with your primer:

  • With your primer, paint a 2-inch band along the borders of the wall, following the tape lines you created.
  • Use your paint roller to fill in the rest of the unpainted wall. After you have put paint in the paint tray, dip the roller into the paint tray. Do not put too much paint in the tray. Leave room so you see the can roll the roller a few times on the tray to remove excess paint before applying it to the wall each time.We suggest you put the paint on the wall using a “W” or “M” pattern. Be sure to overlap the patterns until the wall is covered with the primer.
  • As with any paint, allow the primer coat to dry according to the product’s instructions on the can.

Now that your primer is dry, you are ready for your color coat:

  • Using your paint, repeat the same steps you did with the applying the primer and allow to dry according to the product’s instructions.
  • After the paint has dried, touch up any light spots with a paint brush.TIP:If the coat of paint does not look even or the primer is showing through, you may have to put on a second coat of color.
  • Allow to dry according to instructions on the paint can.

Finally, you are ready for cleanup:

  • Carefully remove the tape. Touch up any missed spots or jagged edges with the 1/4-inch brush.
  • Clean up all supplies, using soap and water for latex primer and paint or mineral spirits for oil-based paints.
  • Put the hardware, pictures, etc. back on the walls and put your furniture back in place.

That is it. You are all done with your step by step painting!

Dave Altman