The Swifter Sweeper and Vacuum Versus The Broom and Mop

I must admit that I love my Swifter Sweeper and that I do not use a broom and mop much anymore. Only on rare occasions I do bring them out of the closet.

Up until a few years ago, I used a good broom and dust pan to sweep my kitchen and bathroom floors. Also, I would use a string or sponge mop to wash the floors.

Nowadays, I do it much differently.

Here is what I do in the bathrooms:

  • I remove the rugs.
  • I vacuum the floor just as though I were vacuuming any other room.
  • After I vacuum the floor, I take the hose attachment and vacuum under the vanity, around and on top of the baseboards and any other place that needs it.
  • Next, I use the sweeper with a wet mopping cloth and go over the floor I just vacuumed.
  • I then take another cloth out of the box without attaching it to the sweeper and wipe down the baseboards. (It will take more than one. It depends on how large your bathroom.)

It goes very quickly and I feel I get the floor and baseboards cleaner than just using a broom and regular mop.

In the kitchen I basically do the same thing:

    • Remove the rugs.


  • Go around the perimeter of the room using the hose to get all of the crumbs from under the front of the cabinets, stove, dishwasher and refrigerator.
  • Then vacuum the rest of the room, including under the kitchen table.
  • Use the Swifter Sweeper with the Wet Mopping Cloths to go over the floor.
  • Then take another cloth out of the box without using the Swifter Sweeper and wipe down the baseboards.

It is quick and easy and I think it keeps my floors so much cleaner.

Dave Altman

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