The Clogged Toilet

We had a tenant call us saying she had a clogged toilet, which was backing up. FYI – Her call wasn’t in the middle of the night. I went to the house and cleaned out the line inside the house. I thought that would take care of it.

The tenant called a couple of days later and advised that the toilet was backing up again. This time our son James our plumber, went to the house and checked out the problem. I was very surprised when James told me what the problem was. The house was hooked up to a septic tank in the back yard and he said the septic tank was full.

We had bought the house a couple of years earlier. All of the city records, at the time we bought the house, showed the property was on city water and sewer. The house was on city water, but not connected to the city’s sewer. And can you believe it, the city was charging monthly for sewer usage.

The next door neighbor told us right after we bought the house that it was on a septic tank. Of course, we didn’t believe her because all the records we saw showed the house was hooked up to the city sewer line.

I guess the moral to this story is listen to the people who are around you and don’t believe everything you read.

We did have to had someone come out and pump out the contents of the septic tank and told our tenant to be careful of what was flushed down the toilet from then on.

Dave Altman

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