Does Your TV Bracket Need to be Mounted to the Wall? Here is How.

Do you need to install a wall mounted TV Bracket for your flat screen, but are not quite sure how to accomplish this task?

Here are the steps to make it happen:

  • Determine where you want to place the TV so all of your users can see.
  • Determine whether you want your TV to tilt or swivel and tilt.
  • Determine the weight of the TV. This is so you are able to buy the correct bracket strong enough to hold your TV.We have found that it is much cheaper to purchase the bracket on the internet than purchasing it from a local store. Online, we found we could purchase one as inexpensive as $30.00 for a 37 inch. Even when an expedited shipping charge was added, it still beat the price of buying the bracket from a local store.
  • Determine where the wall studs are before you mount the TV. Do they conform to your desired viewing location? You may have to make adjustment as to where you put your TV.
  • Make sure electricity and cable connections are available.
  • Determine if you are going to hide the wiring or simply drape the wires down the wall?Hidden wires look so much nicer.
  • Measure where the bracket fits in relation to the wall mount.
  • Measure where the whole assembly is going to fit and mount the wall bracket.
  • Cut the holes in the wall where you are going to place the cable and power connections.
  • Fish the wall between the power boxes.
  • Fish the wall between the cable boxes.
  • Mount the new construction boxes in the wall.
  • Wire the power outlets.
  • Wire the cable outlets.
  • Mount the wall bracket to the wall and then mount the TV to the wall bracket.ORIf you have a TV bracket that will allow you to mount the TV to the TV bracket before hanging on the wall, then simply hang the TV and secure with locking screws. This is much easier then balancing the TV while you line up some screw holes.
  • Mount the TV on the wall.
  • Connect the coaxial cables to the TV.
  • Plug in the power.
  • Tie the cables to the TV bracket. DO NOT TIE THE POWER AND COAX CABLES TOGETHER. Allow movement of the cables so they do not bind.

Enjoy your new TV.

Dave Altman

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