One TV DVR for Two TVs

Is your TV DVR in the living room and you would like to watch the programs you recorded in your bedroom?

Here is how you can make it happen:

Look at the back of your current DVR and see if there is an unused F connector. It will be labeled RF Out. It should have the same video output as the direct cables to your TV.

Install a new RG6 cable and run it from your living room TV DVR to your bedroom TV. Make sure you use RG6 cable

On the TV in the picture, it only had one coax input. So, a simple A/B slide switch, which you can buy at any TV or game store, was used. This allowed the two inputs, one from each TV source, to be switched into one output. Velcro was used to attach the switch to the back of the TV.

Now you can view on your bedroom TV what you have recorded on your TV DVR in the living room. You just cannot change the channel from your bedroom.

To be able to change the channel from your bedroom, you will need two infrared remote extenders like the ones below. One for each TV. One is the transmitter and one is the receiver. The infrared remote extender receives the infrared signal from your remote. It then transmits the signal to the infrared remote extender receiver, where it then sends the signal to the device you want to control or in this case, the DVR.

The infrared remote extender units in the picture are by TERK called the LF-IRT tx and rec.

Simply plug the extenders into the electrical power outlets.

IMPORTANT: The remote control that you use for the TV DVR in the living room is the same remote control that you must use for your the bedroom TV.

Now you can fast forward through the commercials from your bedroom while watching the shows from the DVR in your living room. You can also pause the show in progress and then go back and finish watching it.


Dave Altman

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