Wall Switch Replacement

In this video, Dave is changing out a wall switch.

Below are the steps for replacing a 110 volt single electrical switch, also known as a single-pole electrical switch or a common wall switch, which is shown in the video above:

    1. First, and this is VERY important, TURN OFF the electricity that goes to the switch.
    2. Then before you start, test the switch to make sure there is no electricity present. What Dave used in the video to accomplish this is a “Fluke VoltAlert”. But, you can use any equivalent.NOTE: The tester will glow if there is electricity flowing. If there is no electricity, the tester will not light.


  1. Remove the outlet cover
  2. Remove the top and bottom screws that hold the switch to the electrical box.
  3. Pull out the switch. Note the colors and locations of the wires. This is important so you will know where to place the wires when inserting the new switch.NOTE: Usually the colors are as follows – black are the hot wires; and the bare wire is the ground. The switch only connects two wires together, white or neutrals are not routed through the switch. However, your colors MAY be different.
  4. After noting where the wires went to the old switch, disconnect all the wires and take out the switch.

Now to put in the new electrical switch:

  1. Connect the ground wire first;
  2. Next, connect the black wires to the screws on the switch;
  3. Put the new switch into the electrical box and place in the top and bottom screws that hold the switch in the electrical box;
  4. Replace the outlet cover;
  5. Turn the electricity back on; and
  6. Test the switch to make sure it is working correctly.

That is all there is to it.

If you need instructions to change out an duplex outlet, click here.

Dave Altman

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