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Are you ready to work on various exterior home and yard projects such as that wood privacy fence. We will be covering everything from the planning, to pricing and then construction. Don’t forget permits! You will need to call your local state “DO NOT DIG” or “One Call” telephone hotline before you put one shovel in the ground. If you don’t and there is a buried cable in the ground where you dig, then it may be too late to call.

Can you tell if you have an in-ground lawn sprinkler system?
http://www.single-family-home-remodeling.com/deck-building.html”>deck? One of our yard projects is to build a 10 ft by 10 ft pressure treated deck. This basic design can be easily expanded to something larger to suit your needs.

Home Spas. Ah, working on all those yard projects, coming home and unwinding in the spa. There is nothing comparable.

A smoker? During the summer months ours gets used a lot. All it is, is a slow cooker with flavor adding capabilities. I can taste those ribs now! The meat just falls off the bone. Okay, I’m hungry now.

Here is another one of our family’s yard projects. These step by step instructions arehow our son built his first outside shed.

Below are some more yard projects.

Replacing Wood FencingHere is what my friend did to go from a picket fence to a dog eared privacy fence.

Basic Instructions for Deck Building Here is my basic set of deck building instructions just in time to be your project to kick off the summer season.

Painting Decks Makes Them Sparkle and Look Like New! Painting decks is a great way to make them look like new again. Check out what we did to make ours sparkle!

Stripping and Painting Floor Boards on our Deck Painting floor boards on our deck made it look completely different. It was old and the boards were rough. Now it is a warm cedar color and very smooth.

Painting Ceiling or the Underside of the Roof Painting ceiling of your outside deck is quite easy. See how we did it during our deck refinishing project.

The Right Wood Fence Pick the wood fence that is just right for you by picking the design to satisfy your tastes and your needs.

Building a Wood Fence Building a wood fence is great for privacy and keeping your animals in the yard. Here are the steps to build that fence including some great pictures.

Caulking Around Windows and Doors Caulking around windows and doors stop air drafts and keeps rain out.

How Many Roof Shingles Will You Need? Replacing your roof shingles? Here is an easy way to measure.

Install a Home Spa for Total Relaxation Our home spa is a little gem we discovered many years ago as a method to relieve the stress and strain of everyday life.

An Ozone Generator and Bromine Tablets – Should You Us both in Your Spa? Do you have a spa with an ozone generator? Have you wondered if you should use bromine tablets along with it? This may help you decide.

Our Spa Heater Was Out of Control Trouble shooting the problem with our spa heater was like a game of hide and seek for several months. Finally, someone did help.

Using Pressure Washers Today Pressure washers have come a long way baby!

What about a Gas Smoker? A gas smoker you say? What could be better than a backyard barbecue. Put on a couple of beer can chickens and some pork to pull. All you need are the potato salad, baked beans and watermelon!

High Water Pressure and How It Makes a Difference High water pressure in a house can cause problems you never considered. You need to keep the PSI in check.

Mold Remediation in the Crawl Space of a Fifty Year Old House Mold remediation is in your future should an inspector tell you that you have black mold in the crawl space of your house.

Does Your Outside Faucet, Which is Frost Resistant, Leak? Does your outside faucet leak with the water turned off? Does it leak out the top with the water turned on? Maybe, it make odd sounds! Check us out for the solution.

Our outdoor ceiling fan needed to be freshened up. Here are the steps we took to accomplish just that.

An Outside Hose Bib – Are You Ready to Replace It? Do you need to replace an outside hose bib/outside faucet? Here are step by step instructions on how to accomplish just that.

Are There Skunks Living Under Your House? This is not one of the fun yard projects. Skunks, or some people call them polecats, just love to dig. Be careful they do not get under your house and take up residency. Want to know how we got rid of them?

Pictures of Our Back Porch and Spa Here are pictures a covered back porch with a spa back to the deck in which it begun.

Growing Tomato Plants Upside Down Planting tomato plants? Try something new this year. Here is Dave’s own way of planting them upside down.

Need to Winterize Your Car – Here is How! It is time for some of you to winterize your car. Here is what you will need to check to make sure it will be functioning correctly when the time comes.

Cleaning House Gutters: Gutter Getter vs. iRobot Looj If your house gutters need cleaning, I recommend using the Gutter Getter. It is cheap and not difficult to use.

Dave Altman

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