Aging in Place Remodeling: What is the Most Common Project?

Kitchen remodeling is a key element of remodeling an aging in place home. Our kitchens are the hub of family and friends, and the activities that take place there are part of our daily lives. Remodeling can help improve the safety and ease of use of the space. The market size for these types of projects is in the millions, and efforts to frame the old remodeling in a comprehensive way are sure to benefit both the contractor and the homeowner.

A survey conducted last year by the National Association of Home Builders revealed that the most common modifications for aging in place were support bars in bathrooms and higher toilets, followed by curbless showers, widened doors, and additional lighting. Creating service packages that include the most common renovations needed to age in place can also make projects more attractive to customers. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for retiring to the home you already love. Many older people don't think they need remodeling where they age, even though they intuitively focus their remodeling projects on adapting to age-related changes.

In terms of remodeling, aging at home is the tendency to modify family housing to meet these mobility challenges, so that older people don't have to sell their beloved home and move away from a community they've known for decades. The most common aging in place remodeling project is installing support bars in bathrooms and higher toilets. This is followed by curbless showers, widened doors, and additional lighting. These modifications can help improve safety and ease of use for older people who want to stay in their homes.

Contractors can create service packages that include all of these modifications, making it easier for customers to age in place without having to move away from their beloved homes.